Dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee (2001)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Filem yang berlatarkan zaman 70-an ini mengisahkan dua anak muda Yadi dan Mafiz dari sebuah kampung di Jemapoh, Negeri Sembilan dalam perjalanan ke England untuk mencapai hasrat masing-masing. Yadi ingin ke Manchester untuk melihat bintang bola sepak kesayangannya George Best sementara Mafiz ingin mencari ayahnya seorang kelasi yang dikatakan berada di Liverpool. Dalam perjalanan itu, banyak halangan pahit manis yang terpaksa ditempuhi. Mereka bertemu dengan beberapa watak seperti penyanyi mencari kekasih dan gadis yang lari daripada perangkap bapa ayam.

The Malaysian bosom buddies Yadi and Mafiz have a clear destination in mind for their journey: Manchester in England. Yadi is fan of Manchester United and of George Best while Mafiz wants to look for his father, who once left as a seaman for Liverpool. Just as important is the fact that there is nothing to do in the rural village of Jemapoh. Unless you want to count cows. With a mixture of naivety and determination, the two friends set off. In a 'borrowed' car, without the vaguest notion of what awaits them or even where Manchester is. On the way they meet Lini and Mila, who have their own reasons for tagging along with the two. At first the new traveling companions drive a wedge between the two friends, but the adventures they have on their way create a tight bond between the four of them. Whether they will ever reach Manchester is still dubious at the end of the film, but they have probably already found what they were really looking for.

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