Diva (2007)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kartika is an international Malaysian born singer who has received much success in her career overseas. One day she decides to return back to Malaysia for good. Her return isn't much pleased by her mother who is still mad with her and have accused her of being the reason why her father died.

The only way for her mother to forgive her is by having her marry Arman, his father's music protoge. Tika refused to do so but was managed to be talkeed some sense into by Arman that it was her father's dream to see his music school a succes one day and it is wise if she were to fulfill his dream.

She finally agreed to do that and started recruiting new talents and brushing up their ability and talent. She went through tough times to get things together but she managed to do so till the point were her new protoge's were famous throughout Malaysia. Unfortunately, her new talents became more snobbish and demanded more from her and threatened to leave her for anothe recording company. At this stage Tika has already pre-announce a big concert to be done by the new stars and with conflicts within the school itself and a dreadful news in regards to Tika's health what is to be of the concert?

Cast: Ning Baizura, Awal Ashaari, Adam, AC Mizal, Pushpa Narayan

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