Layaria : Lu'lu

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Language : Malay
Subtitle : None
Genre: Drama / Romantic Comedy
Cast : Farid Kamil, Norliana Samsudin

The story tells about a girl whom is known as the "Post´ It Girl" (Gadis Nota Pelekat) and her name is Nurul Lu´Lu. Her rather weird name was given by her late father whom loved her dearly. Lu´lu is an ordinary girl who never wishes to be anything out of the ordinary due to her simple life and style. Lu´lu is a girl whom is constantly afraid if her collegues or anyone who knows her does not like her. In relation to that, she would do anything ot impress and tries to win everyone´s heart which turns her into everybody´s slave. Suddenly, came a guy whom is adored by most of her collegues, Rayhaizan came up to her and passed her his mobile number and gave Lu´lu her first compliment which made her fall head over heels over Rayhaizan which led to a relationship. Lu´lu really loved Ray because he was the first guy who really loved her. Sadly, Lu´lu did not realize that Ray was only using her for money and everything else. The story begins when Ray asked Lu´lu to a night club, however Lu´lu had to turn him down due to the workload which caused a break up. Lu´lu was depressed with the whole situation and decided to purchase a book on mending her relationship. The book gave her a few tips on how she could repair her relationship with Ray. Among all the tips, she was really keen on the idea of taking her lover for a holiday. In her dizziness, Lu´lu went into another man´s room and slept with him by accident. The man in the room is Shauki, a rich man whom is every girl´s dream. Her journey begins from then on with numerous funny and sad incidents.

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