Spinning Gasing (2000)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Filem ini mengisahkan empat remaja Malaysia mewakili setiap kaum ingin menubuhkan sebuah kumpulan muzik di Kuala Lumpur. Dalam usaha tersebut, mereka menemui banyak ranjau, sehinggalah menemui konsep irama yang mampu mengangkat nama kumpulan mereka. Lebih membanggakan kumpulan itu mengetengahkan muzik terkini dengan unsur alat muzik tradisi.

Harry Lee, the protagonist, returns to KL with news that he has failed in his studies. His autocratic, typically Chinese father is disgusted, and Harry leaves home after a major argument with him. Western-influenced, Harry has faith neither in religion, nor in his mixed-up Chinese roots. He does not have the same ambitions his father had for him: what Harry really wants to do is form a dance-music band and land a major recording deal. Deep down, Harry is determined to prove that he is no "failure". Yati, Harry's childhood friend, is a modern city girl in her early 20s. Although Yati adopts a fashionable lifestyle, she has been raised to believe in her Malay culture and Muslim religion, both of which are under threat in this fast-developing country. Once upon a time, Yati used to sing Syair (traditional Malay poetry). Her personal perspective is a balanced one; she observes her religious rites, but is in no way a fanatic. Harry forms a new band, which comprises Yati, Chantal (a glamorous Eurasian singer), Ariff (a gay keyboard player) and JJ (an Indian percussionist and tabla player). Harry is having an affair with Chantal, an ex-stewardess, the kind of woman first-class passengers give Rolex watches as gifts in the hope of securing a date. Chantal, meanwhile, is on a single-minded quest for fame and fortune, and will do almost anything to get there. Yati wants to warn Harry about Chantal, but is afraid to get involved, as she herself has feelings for him. She realizes it will not be an easy mix if they get together: different ethnic groups, contrasting faiths - Yati and Harry are like two 'gasing', spinning around each other, hoping not to collide

Ellie Suriaty ... Yati
Craig Fong ... Harry Lee
Corinne Adri ... Chantal
Edwin R. Sumun ... Ariff
Sanjeet Jarnail ... JJ
Hani Mohsein ... Azri
Rosyam Nor ... Zainal
Frankie Lee ... Tai-ko
Jalaluddin Hassan ...

Trivia :
Versi asal Spinning Gasing pada mulanya telah diharamkan tayangannya di Malaysia. Pengharaman filem ini ditarik balik selepas ditapis oleh Lembaga Penapisan Filem (LPF) Malaysia.

Untuk tayangan di pawagam Malaysia, terdapat 25 adegan yang tidak diluluskan. Rayuan untuk mengurangkan jumlah potongan telah ditolak oleh LPF. Antara babak yang ditapis: Adegan pencegah maksiat menyerbu hotel; Yati dan Harry berendam di dalam laut; Adegan dan dialog lucah & sensitif.

Untuk versi cakera padat video, filem ini telah diluluskan sepenuhnya tanpa sebarang tapisan.

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